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New Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 Beta To Be Launched Soon – New Features

RIM was testing the new blackberry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta build of their BlackBerry PlayBook from couple of months back. Check all the new features of the New Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 Beta. Though, the launch and release date of Blackberry playbook OS 2.1 beta is not declared but sources said it can be launched in end of MAY.

After a big drop in the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS, RIM got busy in building the new blackberry playbook OS 2.1 and now they are all set and ready to go ahead and launch their new OS and give their folks a new look at what they’ve been working on. Michael Clewley, BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager at RIM tweets the below information on twitter :

Lots of questions about the #PlayBook 2.1 beta, they will be answered in the blog post when it’s available so stay tuned !

The New Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 Beta version will have the following features, including:

  • You can Use email, calendar, and contact apps in portrait mode only.
  • It is Supportive for multi-tasking with all Android apps.
  • Have the Camera API and in-app payments for developers
  • You can Text messaging via BlackBerry Bridge (when paired with a smartphone)
  • Also the Personal encryption.

Other Features of the New Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 Beta :

The beta processor will be the same as the one previously installed in Blackberry PlayBook OS but it is heard that the new version which is being tested for developer beta release sits The screenshot of the new update OS below, seems to indicates that you can use the portrait view for the calendar, contacts and email client. Also now you will be able to resize the text on the tablet and you can multitask using Android apps. A new carrier shelf is added for BlackBerry App World. In-app payments for developers can be made along with the access to the camera’s API.

If you have the BlackBerry PlayBook and you have already installed the new OS 2.1 beta, Let us know by adding your comments in the box below. Be sure to let us know what changes you have noticed.


What do you think, what new changes can it bring?

We’ll just have to wait few more days and see but I know for sure, PlayBook fans will enjoy going through it and picking out the highlights.