TVS Phoenix 125cc | Specifications, Details & Price in India


TVS is all reasdy to launch a new bike in India. The all new TVS Phoenix will soon be launched in India. TVs has already launched the concept of TVS Phoenix in Bangkok. TVS Phoenix 125cc was launched and had this first look at TVS Storm Ahead event held at 17-18 August. Check out all the details, release and launch date of the TVS phoenix 12cc, specification of the new TVS Phoenix below in the article. Also have all the infoormations regarding the Price of TVS Phoenix in India. Exclusive Pictures and the first look of TVS Phoenix.

This is the first real picture of the TVS Phoenix 125CC. Check out more details like launch date and price of new TVS Phoenix 2012 below. The New TVS Phoenix will have the 124.8cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine from the Flame. It will produce around 10.5PS of power and 10Nm of torque. 4-speed manual gearbox will handle transmission duties. It will be in showrooms shortly and is expected to be priced slightly lower than the competition.

Video of the TVS Phoenix :

Specifications of the new TVS Phoenix 125cc:

  • It has a 124.8cc air cooled engine
  • Got 4 speed transmission
  • Have Digital console
  • Posses 10Nm torque
  • And 10.5 PS of power

Launch date of TVS Phoenix 125cc in India?

Although, no particular date is given for the release or launch of the TVS Phoenix but the most expected release date is in the month of October.

Price of TVS Phoenix 2012 :

The new TVS Phoenix 125cc will cost RS 51,000 and it will be aiming at the other 125cc segment of Indian motorcycles and will start shipping during the October – November, 2012 to rake in the Diwali festival sales.

What do you think about the Phoenix 125cc? Let us know in the comments below. Stay Connected with us for more information on TVS PHOENIC like TVS Phoenix 125 review India, TVS Phoenix 125 new Bikes India, buy TVS Phoenix 125, TVS Phoenix 125 images and videos, TVS Phoenix 125 prices India, TVS Phoenix 125 dealers India, TVS Phoenix 125 models India.

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TVS Phoenix 125cc | Specifications, Details & Price in India

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