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Zurker : The Next Facebook & How To Use It?

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“Zurker is fundamentally better than FaceBook.”

No, wait. The aforementioned line isn’t mine. It’s what the the website itself says on its FAQs page. I also found: “Zurker is starting off as a small startup nobody has ever heard, but we have a clever strategy for growing quickly and developing an awesome product until we replace the dominant social network of our time.” Now, some confidence that is.


But I don’t think this newfangled social network can replace the monster Facebook, although most of the description of the website on its ‘About’ page says they can.


The site is currently under beta testing and hasn’t been launched for everyone. If anyone wishes to sign up, they could do it only through invitation.
The new and unlike thing this website offers, as it says, is that users can be the owners and share-holders of the network. That sounds odd. But this is the thing the website brags off and says will propel Zurker to becoming the dominant social network in the coming decade.


In all ways, the website talks how it is better than Facebook, although it is not. Neither had I felt it is. Firstly, the user interface is not so good. And moreover, unseating Facebook is next to impossible!

The website points out that if social networks are owned by VC’s and investment banks (pointing out Goldman Sachs in particular, the investors in Facebook) and other investors looking purely for profit, they gradually become orientated towards one thing and one thing only: making money.
Whereas, the website points out that with joining Zurker, you could be one of the share-holders.


Well, few people are even impressed by this new social media. People like the democracy system which allows members to control everything by voting. Also, it is advert free and has a very strict anti-spam policy. Similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, you will here find ‘Zurk’ button (don’t know if there’s any such word).

How to use Zurker.com

If you wish to sign up on Zurker, you can use the following link/invitation:


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