4 Minutes Official – The Amazing Spiderman Trailer From The Movie

After the official trailer launched by the production of The Amazing Spiderman, all new 4 minutes super preview of the upcoming movie The Amazing Spiderman trailer is released. As it suggest and name says , It is really Simply Amazing.


Below is the new 4 minutes super preview of the movie. And if you are thinking about to watch this trailer later in free time. Believe me, you are going to miss It . Irfaan Khan is also shown in this trailer.

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Here is the super preview of the movie :


The Amazing Spiderman is the latest and much awaited Hollywood movie based on the comic character of the same name Spiderman. Andrew Garfield is in the lead role as Spiderman along with Tobey Maguire. Also, Indian actor Irfaan Khan will be seen in the movie as a supporting star.

The movie is going to hit Indian theaters on 29th June 2012. But The Amazing Spiderman will release in USA on 3rd July 2012.