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Uday Jalan Create History – Offered 1.34 Crore From Facebook

Facebook once again searched for talent in India, has offered a package of 1.34 crore ($2,62,500)  salary to Indian Student named Uday Jalan. An Engineering student of the Moti Laal Nehru National Institute of technology , has been offered a job by Facebook office that will pay him 1.34 crore per year salary. The Student was pursuing his BTech from MNNIT and belongs to Kanpur (U.P).

Director of MNNIT Mr.P. Chakarborty told the media today that Uday got a job letter from Facebook offering job to him with a shocking salary of 1.24 crore.

The Call letter from Facebook

Tt is one of the biggest and unique offer by Facebook as earlier Facebook has offered package of 65 lac to an IIT student. Ankur Dahiya, but this one is big as they are paying him $2,62,500 per year.
Success after facing 9 Interviews

If you think that it was easy for Uday then let us inform you that he faced various kind of interview 9 times for this job. As per MNNIT professor it was an interesting recruitment process which started through online mails and after that the candidate has to give their via through phone calls. He faced 9 interviews one by one and finally success came to his feet. This is the first time ever an Indian Student Offered 1.34 Crore Package from Facebook.