Facebook Chat Smiley And Image Code Maker


Now can create and send any pic or say smileys in the Facebook chat by codes. Yes, any picture can be sent in Facebook chat to enhance the chat experience. You might have wondered that how your friends send you any funny image in the chat box? Where these codes comes or how these chat codes are generated ? I found an awesome site with a simple user interface that allows us to generate the image code for Facebook chat of any image we upload there.

To make these codes is very simple and anyone of you can do it. You just have to follow the steps i am going to tell and image codes can be generated to be sent in Facebook chats. Below is the procedure to generate codes :

How To Generate Chat Meme Codes And Image Codes  ?

1. Open this site in a new tab – http://smileyti.me/
2. Now after reaching the homepage , Scroll down a bit and you will find three options :-


(a.) Choose File – Click on the choose File icon and select the file which you want to upload via your computer .

(b.) Upload File – Click on the Upload Now button to upload the selected File (Image) .

(c.) Enter CAPTCHA – Without Entering the CAPTCHA you cannot generate the Image Code .Enter the Security words shown in the Catcha section .


When the uploading will be completed, a new box will be displayed on screen and code will be seen in it. It will be like below :

Now just click on ‘Copy To Clipboard’ or manually copy the whole code in the box and right click , then selecting copy option. Simply paste the code into the Facebook Chat and sent it by hitting ENTER.

Note: The code has been generated and will work only in chat box . I mean these codes works only in chat not in status update etc .

So this was one of the best site to create (generate) image code from any image .


Having Fun With My liife

Facebook Chat Smiley And Image Code Maker

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